Check out the stories from our amazing group of women:


Season 1: Episode 1- Hai

Learn how Hai arrived to America and what she has to say about cultural understanding and awareness. #NationofHai #Nationofsomewhere

Season 1: Episode 2- Sufia

Learn about the challenges Sufia faced when it came to finding her identity and her journey to acceptance. #NationOfSufia #NationofSomewhere

Season 1: Episode 3- Rocío

Curious about what Rocío has to say about her Mexican roots and what it's like growing up the middle child amongst 7 children of mostly brothers)? Listen below: #NationofRocío #NationofSomewhere

Season 1: Episode 4- Sophia

A snowboarder who loves the outdoors, meet Sophia, a first generation Chinese-American whose urban environment shaped her views on diversity and cultural perspective. #NationofSophia #NationofSomewhere

Season 1: Episode 5-Meet Gesley

As an aspiring attorney and actor, Gesley talks about growing into her roots as a first generation Haitian American. See Gesley's hope for herself and future generations. #NationofSomewhere #NationofGesley

Season 1: Episode 6- Meet Monica

Monica shares her experience with 'otherness' while growing up in a Cuban-Colombian household. #NationofSomewhere #NationofMonica

Season 1: Episode 7--Identity in a Box

Sophia and Sufia dig deeper and explore race, relationships, and cultural otherness. #Nationofsomewhere #NationofSophia #NationofSufia

Season 1: Episode 8--A Childhood, Revisited

Get in on the conversation as Rocío and Hai talk about their childhood and adult choices. #Nationofsomewhere #NationofHai #NationofRocío

Season 1: Episode 9--Love, and Other Things

Kristine and Gesley get personal. Listen in as they talk about how their upbringing influenced their choice of relationships. #Nationofsomewhere #NationofGesley #NationofKristine #Nationers