Pre-Production and Boots on the Ground

First post on the Nation of Somewhere page and also a sigh of relief that I've gotten to the point where I have a website to write this on. Its been one hell of a journey, from building the idea in 2014 to completing phase I, i.e. the docuseries. It's been a lot of all nighters and 3-4 hours of sleep a night kind of days and a lot of drafts, edits, do-overs, and mulling over ideas but finally, we created something that I'm proud of. Stories worth telling, worth exploring, worth hearing. The point of this blog to serve as a forum to share ideas, video, thoughts and conversations related to the series and your own personal experiences handling cultural differences, especially as a first generational American or immigrant. Thank you for all your amazing and incredible support and please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Click on the red icons on any page of the website. Thanks!!