Nation of Somewhere started out as a different, much smaller project. I wanted to find a way to tell my story and give a voice to my experiences of being a first generation Nigerian American (first generation being children born in America to immigrant parents) and black  in the United States. At the time, my focus was on creating a webseries that centered around four culturally diverse friends. As I started building out storylines and writing the script, friends and family members, many of which were first generation, talked of their own personal experiences with cultural identity.

There's a universal understanding among those that live with different cultural frameworks of what it is to be an immigrant, the child of immigrants, or an indigenous population that holds certain custom and cultures different from the land they call home. I wanted to give all of them a voice to share what we often don't hear about on television or in the media unless it 's a series of talking points on the news. Nation was split into two projects: A docuseries that focuses on real people  and a fictional web series that plays out the lives many of us lead.

My hope is that Nation of Somewhere becomes a springboard in how we decide what and who is considered American. That even though we are of different races, religions, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, that we recognize that we're all part of the American fabric. We are a nation of immigrants and it's that very essence that makes these stories all the more relevant to share with people across the country and around the world.

The Docuseries

How do we see ourselves? How do others see us? American, foreign, a neighbor, "other"? We interview a small group of people from many different cultural and ethnic groups on different issues ranging from immigration and cultural practices to education and relationships. How similar or different will their experiences be to your own? 

The Webseries

Explores cultural identity through the worlds of our four female leads Niloofar, Remi, Daniela, and Libby. The series serves as a window into the lives of first generation and indigenous people living in the United States; their relationships, friendships, and family dynamics all become part of their journey in finding who they are and where they fit into in the American landscape.